Can you survive a wildfire?

PAWUIC’S motto “Living on the Edge”, has two meanings: living on the edge of Arizona’s wildlands with all of their attendant grace and beauty, but also living with the danger of wildfire.

PAWUIC, founded in 1990, is unique in the nation as a not-for-profit group chartered by the City of Prescott and Yavapai County. PAWUIC is comprised of federal, state, county and city agency representatives working together with volunteers, businesses, and community leaders. PAWUIC’s purpose is to mitigate the threat of wildfire and to promote forest health in the greater Prescott area, and Yavapai County- an area larger than the State of Massachusetts.  Members from Prescott National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, Arizona State Forestry, Prescott Yavapai Tribe, Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management, Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, Prescott Fire Department, eleven other fire departments, homeowner associations and private citizens meet monthly to report and coordinate their activities to reduce the wildfire danger in the area.

PAWUIC works not just in fire season, but throughout the year to reduce the chance of a wildfire and to reduce the damage it would cause when it strikes our community. By cooperating together since 1990, PAWUIC has brought more than $6,000,000 into our community. 

PAWUIC provides:

  • Information and education on how to reduce wildland fire danger by means of an annual EXPO, meetings, training, newspaper articles, helping local communities gain Firewise® community certification, and maintaining its regional information web site.
  • A source of grant funding for area fire department efforts to reduce fuels and mitigate other fire dangers.
  • Training scholarships for area firefighters at the Arizona Wildfire Academy.
  • Supporting efforts for economically and environmentally sound ways to utilize the biomass generated from fuels reduction and forest health projects.
  • A most important monthly forum for sharing ideas and coordinating efforts among the involved agencies. Time:  8:00 AM on the 1st Thurs. of each month in the Freeman Building at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds, 840 Rodeo Dr.  The public is always welcome to attend.  Becoming a volunteer is a rewarding experience.

Commission News

Open Letter from Southview Trails

PO Box 11085
Prescott, AZ 86304

To: Bob Betts, President
From: Al West, Southview Firewise Committee member

Bob — Please read the statement below at the December PAWUIC meeting since I will be unable to attend as I am out of the country. Thanks, Al West.

Fellow PAWUIC/Yavapia Firewise members:

Creating a stable funding base for PAWUIC has always been a struggle. To help solve that problem, Southview is presenting a check in the amount of $8320 which represents $5 for each of the 166 lots in our HOA to kick off a campaign to resolve this issue. We are challenging each of the 27 Firewise communities in PAWUIC to make a similar contribution. If we all do this on an annual basis we could establish a solid funding floor that would allow PAWUIC to continue serving its members and the community as it has since its founding in 1990. I recognize that not all Firewise communities have a Home Owners Association to make such a contribution. However, I am also sure that if each local Firewise committee sent a letter to every lot owner in that community explaining the situation and requesting that they make a tax deductible contribution in the amount of $5 to help keep PAWUIC viable, then together we could take a huge step forward in terms of reaching sustainability. Please join Southview in giving to PAWUIC so that it can continue serving all of us to keep Prescott safe from wild fires now and in the future.

Al West, Southview Firewise member and HOA President

WFHF 2017 Grant Applications

We have been notified by Arizona Forestry and Fire Management Department that the WFHF 2017 applications will be available in January and due early spring. If you wish to apply as part of a PAWUIC application, you will need to submit the following to pawuic1@gmail.com by February 10:

1. A list of potential addresses of properties to be mitigated including individual lot acreage. For example, if you are requesting 10 acres for your community, you need to submit addresses totaling about 15 acres so that you have some flexibility in the event community members don't step up. 

2. You will need to submit a map of the community highlighting the addresses identified.

3. You need to provide an estimate of per acre cost. No guarantees that is the number that we will submit, but we need to know what is happening currently in your neighborhoods related to mitigation costs.

These items are critical for your community to be included in the grant application. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call Lois, Shirley or Bob. Thanks!

USAA Adds Oregon to Homeowners Insurance Discount

Oregon now joins Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas in being one of five states where USAA policyholders living in a recognized Firewise Communities/USA site, are eligible to receive a discount on their homeowners insurance premium.

There are currently 102 communities actively participating in the Firewise Communities/USA recognition program throughout Oregon; with more than 26,000 people living in those sites. Over the past year, those communities have invested close to $1,706,000 in wildfire risk reduction activities. More information.